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Long Term Residency

Long Term Residency is granted on the basis that a non EEA national has completed a minimum of 5 years (i.e. 60 months) legal residence in the State on work permit conditions which is reflected in the corresponding Stamp 1 or Stamp 4 endorsements on a person's passport (not by the dates of commencement and expiry of each work permit/work authorisation/working visa conditions). Periods of time for which a person has not been legally resident in the state (i.e. does not have an up to date endorsement on work permit conditions on their passport) cannot be counted towards an application for Long Term Residency. 

A successful applicant in this situation will be granted Permission to Remain on a Stamp 4 which is valid for 5 years.

The spouse and/or dependant(s) of the applicant for Long Term Residency may also apply for Long Term Residency. In order to apply for Long Term Residency as a spouse/dependant, the applicant must be legally resident in the State as a spouse/dependent for the required 60 month period(i.e. minimum of 5 years).

Successful applications from those who apply as a spouse/dependent will be granted Permission to Remain on a Stamp 3. This particular long term permission does not exempt the spouse/dependant(s) from employment permit requirements. 


How to apply?

The following documents, together with a covering letter of application clearly indicating the passport endorsements relating to each work permit, should be submitted to: 

The Long Term Residency Section,

General Immigration Division,

3rd Floor,


13-14 Burgh Quay,

Dublin 2


Documents to be lodged:

1. Copy of applicant's work permits.

2. Copy of applicant's Certificate of Registration from Garda National Immigration Bureau (i.e. GNIB Card).

3. Clear and legible copy (or copies) of applicant's passport(s) including all endorsements. (In the event that your passport has expired since arriving in the State, please submit copies of both passports).


Do I need to pay?

  • The prescribed fee for Long Term Residency is €500. Once a decision has been made to grant an applicant Long Term Residency, a letter of approval is issued to the applicant. This letter informs the applicant they have been approved for Long Term Residency and asks that the prescribed fee be submitted within a 28 day time period.
  • Payment of the prescribed fee can be made by way of a bank draft or postal order, made payable to the Secretary General, Department of Justice and Law Reform. Payment in the form of personal or company cheques cannot be accepted.
  • Once the prescribed fee has been paid, and all other criteria have been met, a letter will issue to the applicant or his/her solicitor/legal representative granting Long Term Residency on Stamp 4 for 5 years. A letter will also issue to GNIB informing them of the decision to grant Long Term Residency and of the appropriate stamp to be given to the applicant (Stamp 3 or Stamp 4).


In order to renew Long Term Residency for a further 5 years, it is not necessary to submit a new application for Long Term Residency. Simply attend at your local Immigration Office to renew your Long Term Residency permission to remain for a further 5 years.