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A redundancy situation arises where an employee's job ceases to exist, and the employee is not replaced for such reasons as rationalisation/reorganisation, not enough work available, the financial state of the firm, company closures etc.

Who is covered?

  • An employee over the age of 16
  • with 104 weeks (two years) continuous service
  • You must be in employment that is insurable under the Social Welfare Acts. If you are a full-time employee you must be in employment that is fully insurable for all benefits under the Social Welfare Acts; this does not apply if you are a part time employee. The Department of Social Protection decides the question of insurability in accordance with the rules and procedures provided for in the Social Welfare Acts. An employee who wishes to appeal such a decision is advised to contact the Scope Section of that Department.

Calculation of Redundancy Payment:

  • Two weeks pay for each year of employment continuous and reckonable over the age of 16
  • in addition, a bonus week. All excess days chould be calculated as a portion of 365 days. i.e 4 years 190 days = 4.52 years
  • Reckonable service is service EXCLUDING ordinary sickleave over and above 26 weeks, occupational injury over and above 52 weeks. All Breaks in Service should be within the last three years prior to the Date of Termination.

Reckonable service also excludes absence from work because of lay-offs or strikes. However, short-time work is reckonable.

All calculations are subject to the ceiling referred to above, which stands at €600 per week with respect to Notified Redundancies from 1st of January 2005 [or €507.90 prior to that date.]