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Payment of Wages

Under the Payment of Wages Act 1991 ,all employees in Ireland have the right to a pay slip which will show the gross wage and details of all deductions. A pay slip is essentially a statement in writing from the employer to the employee that outlines the total pay before tax and all details of any deductions from pay.

In general, the amount of pay you receive for working in Ireland is a matter for agreement between you and your employer. However under the National Minimum Wage Act 2000 most employees(18yrs+) are entitled to a minimum wage. In some sectors they are set out in Employment Regulation Orders (EROs) made by Joint Labour Committees

There are some exceptions to those entitled to receive the national minimum wage. The legislation does not apply to a person employed by a close relative (for example, a spouse, civil partner or parent) nor does it apply to those in statutory apprenticeships. Also some employees such as young people under 18 and trainees are only guaranteed a reduced or sub-minimum rate of the national minimum wage.

New employees from 1 February 2011
  Minimum hourly rate of pay % of minimum wage
Experienced adult worker €7.65 100%
Aged under 18 €5.36 70%

First year from date of first employment aged over 18

€6.12 80%
Second year from date of first employment aged over 18 €6.89 90%
Employee aged over 18, in structured training during working hours    
1st one third period €5.74 75%
2nd one third period €6.12 80%
3rd one third period €6.89 90%

This reduced rate will not apply to existing employees as a reduction in their wages would be a change to their terms and conditions of employment.