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Unfair Dismissals

The Unfair Dismissals Acts apply to employees over 16 years of age with at least 12 months continuous service. The Acts do not apply to employees who have reached the normal retiring age or are under 16 years of age, close relatives of the employer who live and work in the same private house or farm, members of Defence Forces or Gardaí, officers of VECs, the Chief Executive Officer of the Health Services Executive, and City or County Managers or FÁS apprentices.

A dismissal is considered to be automatically unfair if the employee is dismissed for any of the following reasons:

  • Membership or proposed membership of a trade union or engaging in trade union activities, whether within permitted times during work or outside of working hours
  • Religious or political opinions
  • Legal proceedings against an employer where an employee is a party or a witness
  • Race, colour, sexual orientation, age or membership of the Traveller community
  • Pregnancy, giving birth or breastfeeding or any matters connected with pregnancy or birth
  • Availing of rights under legislation to maternity leaveadoptive leave, carer's leaveparental or force majeure leave
  • Unfair selection for redundancy