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Jobseeker's Benefit

Weekly Jobseeker's Benefit payment in 2011:

Average weekly earnings Personal rate Qualified adult rate
Less than €150 €84.50 €80.90
€150 - €219.99 €121.40 €80.90
€220 - €299.99 €147.30 €80.90
€300 or more €188 €124.80

To qualify for Jobseeker's Benefit you must:

  • Be unemployed (you must be fully unemployed or unemployed for at least 3 days in 6)
  • Be under 66 years of age
  • Have enough social insurance (PRSI) contributions
  • Be capable of work
  • Be available for and genuinely seeking work
  • Have a substantial loss of employment and as a result be unemployed for at least 3 days in 6.

Applications for Jobseeker's Benefit should be made to your Social Welfare Local Office.

Didn't get P45 from employer:

If your former employer refuses to give you a P45 it can affect your application for Jobseeker's Benefit (JB). You should still apply for JB but the Department of Social Protection cannot pay JB to you until they verify your former employment.

If you do not have a P45, the Department may informally contact you employer at the time of your application for JB and request him/her to send you a P45 to help process your claim for JB. If this hasn't resulted in your former employer giving you your P45, you can ask to fill-in form IA49 at your local Social Welfare Office.

Form IA49 is a declaration stating that you believe your former employer did not comply with social insurance regulations. As a result of your declaration, there will be an investigation into your employer's payment of PRSI. Filling-in form IA49 may not result in your P45, however, it may help to determine if you qualify for Jobseeker's Benefit.